Health and wellbeing coaching workshops

To support managers and their employees cope with life’s daily challenges.


Wellbeing is influenced by our day to day experiences, and when managed well can have a positive effect on employees and their work environment.

Working with you, we'll create a tailored programme of Health and Wellbeing, focusing on reducing work-related stress and improving the mental and physical health of your employees - supporting them to be more focused and productive in their roles and less prone to absenteeism.

Each of our sessions can be delivered face to face on your premises, or remotely via online video conference for those employees working from home. These can be delivered in a group setting or as an individual.

Delivered by an experienced wellbeing practitioner, these sessions are designed to equip managers and employees with the tools to help manage their mental health by reducing stress and building resilience.

Wellbeing workshop topics

We've created a series of interactive workshops that focus on different areas of wellbeing including; resilience, physical activity, nutrition, mental health and sleep and more.

Throughout these sessions, participants will learn how to understand and identify the early warning signs indicative of a dip in their mental wellbeing, and how early intervention plays a positive role in self-management. 

You can select the topics you would like us to focus on depending on the current need.


Mental health

- It's not negative it's normal - Famous faces - Understanding more - Myths and facts - Signposting



- Why we need sleep - Creating the right sleep environment - What we consume and how it affects us - Who wants to be a sleeping millionaire?


Physical activity and nutrition

- Exercise guidelines - Working ‘out’ from home - Recognising stress - Nutrition: what good looks like


Building and developing personal resilience

- Resilience: it's an important word - The problems with multitasking - The circle of concern - Positive psychology - How we respond in times of stress

What our clients say:

We enjoyed a thoroughly engaging session with Ben Massey on how sleep is the foundation of our health. The team learnt about why we sleep, the importance of creating the right environment and how what we consume can affect us. We all left the session with some great advice on small things we can do to improve the quality of our sleep. Ben even tested our knowledge at the end of the session with a fun gameshow themed sleep quiz!’

Fiona Douglas, Office Manager, VisitAberdeenshire

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Featured insights

To understand more about the type of content we cover during our wellbeing workshops we've developed these related articles which highlight some of the keys areas of discussion.

Health and wellbeing workshops

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