Workplace Exposure Assessments

In November 2018, RPS carried out an Occupational Hygiene assessment survey for a company who manufactures components for the renewable energy sector at their purpose-built facility in Yorkshire.

Key Details




Yorkshire, UK

Services Provided:

  • Airborne substances
  • Noise monitoring and assessment


After an initial assessment exercise, RPS highlighted several exposure risks together with recommendations on how to reduce those risks. Following some procedural changes within the company, we were asked to conduct comprehensive exposure assessments for airborne dust and noise in one their higher risk areas.

The work carried out in the high-risk areas involves manual cutting, grinding and sanding activities using hand-held power tools which can generate significant levels of noise and fine airborne dust.

Up to 12 components can be worked upon at any one time in a staged process and this, together with the nature of the work, requires a large workforce. This presents a challenge in designing a survey which fully captures the true extent of the exposure risk in a workplace where considerable temporal and spatial variation in exposures exist.



A detailed discussion occurred between RPS and the client to fully understand their requirements and, together with the knowledge and information acquired from the original assessment survey, a scope for the second project was developed.

In February 2019, a comprehensive sampling programme was carried out where many samples were collected, and observations were made over several days to capture various exposure scenarios. The results of the assessment demonstrated how intervention measures had reduced exposure in some cases and highlighted where further risk management was required.

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