Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) Consultancy Services

In 2012/2013 Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) carried out an inventory gathering and condition assessment of Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) on the Local Authority-managed national road network. This exercise identified various locations where existing VRS were damaged, out of tolerance, or obsolete, and that interventions or upgrading works were required.

In 2014, TII appointed RPS to provide consultancy services to carry out risk assessments, design the intervention/repair/ upgrade work, and other related duties.

Key details

Project name

Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) Consultancy Services


Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)



Services provided

  • Input to national VRS design standards and specifications
  • Development of national VRS maintenance guidelines
  • Detailed design of VRS, including risk, hazard and site assessments
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Procurement
  • Contract administration, construction supervision, certification of installed systems
  • Project Supervisor for the Design Process (PSDP)


Assessing and designing VRS solutions for hazard locations on the Local Authority-managed national road network, much of which is un-designed road, is a complex task due to the inevitable and various constraints which are present at the sides of such alignments. In some cases the hazards can be mitigated or removed, however in many cases a VRS is required. But usually there is not enough space or there are physical constraints which prevent a solution which is compliant with standards to be achieved. Deciding and detailing a compromised solution which achieves the best road safety benefits in such situations presents a huge challenge for all involved.


RPS has successfully met this challenge by:

  • developing and providing expertise and best in class VRS design capabilities;
  • providing a highly trained and experienced team of VRS designers who can cover locations across the entire national road network;
  • backing up our VRS expertise with a multidisciplinary team comprising geotechnical, structural and road safety engineers;
  • being up to date with and embracing innovation in the VRS industry from ground anchoring solutions to dynamic testing methods;
  • consulting and working collaboratively with all Stakeholders including 19 Local Authorities, utility providers, VRS manufacturers, VRS installers, the Irish Barrier Association;
  • providing input into national VRS design standards and specifications.
Vehicle restraint system (VRS) - Site Test

Project statistics

Local Authorities, RPS has worked with directly in developing VRS solutions
Dynamic tests carried out
Push tests carried out
Priority VRS repairs
Linear metres of new VRS installed.
Linear metres of old VRS replaced.

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