Aerial surveying of Townsville City Council landfill sites

Using state-of-the-art Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) technology combined with our established quality assurance procedures, RPS’ Townsville survey team has provided invaluable data to improve the operation of Townsville City Council’s landfill and transfer stations.


Since 2011, our survey team has been engaged by Townsville City Council to support the operational planning of multiple landfill sites and waste transfer locations in the greater Townsville area.  

Recently, we were engaged to monitor the fill volumes of four sites over a one-month period and compare the results to design models of the sites. Townsville City Council will use this data to gain a clear indication of fill quantities during the monitoring periods and remaining space available for fill at each site.  

Using traditional surveying methods would prove difficult given the project timeline and the health and safety risks associated with operating in an active fill area.  


RPS has a large team of Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) operators with experience using the latest aerial surveying technologies and tools.

Our team used sophisticated aerial surveying technology to capture accurate, highly detailed information about nominated landfill and waste transfer site areas far quicker than would be possible using traditional surveying techniques. Onsite safety is the highest priority for RPS and our clients, and transitioning from traditional surveying to refined aerial data capture has helped to eradicate a number of health and safety risks.

RPS surveying services provided

  • Construction and engineering survey
  • Detail and contour survey
  • Periodic volumetric survey.


RPS is working closely with Townsville City Council to develop innovative methods for spatial data collection and analysis, including:

  • Introduction of web-based file sharing and improved client data interaction
  • Incorporation of existing geotechnical data into web-based software platform
  • The utilisation of advanced spatial technologies to capture additional data including gas monitoring, and vegetation mapping via Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR).


3833 Hectares
captured over five years
100 RPA
missions over five years

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