For more than 15 years, RPS has played an integral role in the planning, design and construction of Providence at South Ripley, the secondary centre to one of Australia’s largest new towns – Ripley Valley.


In the early 2000s, the western corridor of Brisbane near the city of Ipswich was identified as a major population growth area for South East Queensland. Local authorities wanted to facilitate strategic infrastructure planning and create a framework for sustainable growth in one of the largest new city plans in Australia – Ripley Valley. As an instigator of the Ripley Valley Taskforce, members of our urban design and planning teams contributed to the development of an innovative Structure Plan for the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area (PDA), which includes the mixed-use master planned community now known as Providence.

Working with DPZ Pacific, Ipswich City Council, state government agencies, local communities and key landowners, we facilitated the documentation of transect planning and traditional neighbourhood design (TND) principles that would later be incorporated into the Ipswich City Council planning scheme. Since then, members of our urban design and planning team have been working with Amex Corporation, its consultant partners and statutory authorities, to implement and bring TND principles into life at Providence.

Providence, Queensland Australia


Working closely together, our multi-disciplinary design and development team is helping transform Amex’s vision for Providence into built form reality. Led by specialists who have been shaping the project since its earliest inception phase, RPS is guiding the delivery of key neighbourhood values, aided by the Neighbourhood Design Code developed by our urban design team. The code is the blueprint used to deliver on Providence's environmental, liveability and connectivity aspirations.

Prioritising the delivery of mixed-use, walkable neighbourhoods, our designers have created schemes that cleverly collocate social activities at the ‘heart’ of the neighbourhood, an area that is easily accessible and within 5-10 minutes’ walk of the majority of homes. Civic plazas and mixed-use buildings that include homes, employment and shopping opportunities have been strategically positioned to facilitate social, active and vibrant hubs of community life.

Amex has already delivered over 1,200 homes in the first stages of Providence, with this 670-hectare community expected to be home to 20,000 people and 7,000 dwellings once complete.

Project statistics

Hectare masterplanned community development
Dwellings planned of various sizes and housing typologies
people to be accommodated in a community centres around lifestyle and affordability
Hectares of open space for sports and recreation

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