Northern Ireland Water Leakage Detection

Having worked successfully with Northern Ireland Water since 2002, RPS were awarded a further contract in 2016 to deliver leakage detection services.

Key details

Project name
Leakage Detection

Northern Ireland Water


Northern Ireland

Services provided
Leakage Detection


Northern Ireland Water (NIW) has demanding leakage reduction targets that are made all the more challenging due to the particularly rural nature of the area of supply.

This is an ongoing contract. The aim of the project is to detect, locate, mark and report water leaks throughout NIW’s distribution network.



Further to the award of contract, RPS mobilised a comprehensive team to work in collaboration with NIW and its partners. The team comprises 43 field-based personnel consisting and 4 professional support staff. The team typically works on a performance basis, payment by NIW being a function of the amount of leakage reduction achieved as a result of the repair of defects reported.

The project is run through a collaborative series of meetings where fieldwork is planned and reviewed on a weekly basis. Monthly and Quarterly meetings involve reviewing performance and resource requirements, addressing any contractual matters and authorising payment.  

We are achieving the aim of the project; detection and location of leaks on the clean water network, by:

  • Cost-effectively fulfilling the leakage management objectives by delivering measured minimum night flow rate reductions whilst adhering to tight budgetary constraints;
  • Effective collaborative working arrangements between RPS, NIW and NIW’s wider leakage management community, leading to the development and embedding of improved leakage management business processes;
  • Developing a focused and motivated team of leakage detection specialists, local to Northern Ireland, through the delivery of accredited training programmes and continuous personal development;
  • Providing the client with an innovative commercial model directly linking NIW costs to outcomes delivered;
  • Delivering an RPS Insight mobile working solution to reduce cost, environmental impacts and improve the speed and accuracy of information;
  • Effective incentive mechanisms established allowing the rewards of over-performance to be shared between all contributors.



The principal benefits to Northern Ireland Water as a result of the project include:

  • The efficient and cost-effective attainment of NIW’s leakage detection objectives;
  • The embedding of improved leakage management processes; and
  • The development of trained, locally-based leakage detection staff.

Project statistics

£1.25M pa.
Contract Value
field staff
Professional support staff
years of working in partnership with NIW

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