Irvine Maritime Mile

North Ayrshire Council decided to upgrade marine facilities and create new infrastructure at Irvine Harbour to support marine tourism and recreational activities. The developments were intended to improve access, create opportunities for maritime activities, increase the appeal of Irvine and North Ayrshire Coast for tourism whilst further boosting the local economy and supporting wider regeneration plans for the Irvine Harbour and Ardeer Peninsula.

Key details

Project Name
Irvine Maritime Mile

North Ayrshire Council


• Topographic surveys
• Underground utilities surveys
• Bathymetric surveys
• Sub-bottom profiling
• Wharf condition report



In order to inform detailed design proposals for the Irvine Harbour area, North Ayrshire Council required bathymetric and geophysical surveys of the tidal harbour area adjacent to the quayside and wharf, topographic and underground utility surveys of the landward areas, including the quayside, wharves and slipways, and a Timber Wharf condition report.

RPS was commissioned to undertake the entire survey project and produce the subsequent survey reports whilst adhering to strict health and safety rules working on and near tidal water.

Irvine Harbour Scotland.JPG


Our experienced Geomatics team successfully completed all the topographic, underground utility and bathymetric surveys to a very high standard using the latest technology including the Trimble SX10 and Seafloor Hydrone. Our talented underwater diving team competed the timber wharf condition survey and report.

In order to complete the final geophysical survey of the Harbour, we worked collaboratively with external partners who used multi-beam technology to deliver the sub-bottom profiling survey.

At the start of this project, a consultative approach was taken to the Health & Safety aspects of this contract. All site-specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements were explained to the Council along with a detailed explanation of how any risks would be mitigated. This ensured that the entire project was underpinned the highest safety standards.


As trusted partners to North Ayrshire Council, our strong relationship, coupled with our extensive surveying capabilities has allowed us to deliver a high value service to the Council, whilst working seamlessly with an external contractor to meet their contract requirements. Following the detailed data captured from our surveying activities, data has been analysed and concluded in the creation of detailed 2D and 3D AutoCAD Drawings, 3D Bathymetric and Sub-bottom Profiling Drawings, Detailed Survey Reports and a Timber Wharf Condition Report.

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