Industrial Portfolio

Our client wanted to swiftly bring a portfolio of six industrial properties to the sale market. The sites were of various sizes and located across the UK. Before the client listed them for sale, they required due diligence support in establishing if there were any significant environmental risk factors that may impact the value of the land or properties themselves.  

Key details

Project name

Industrial Portfolio





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Services provided:

- Phase 1 Environmental Survey

- Documentation review

- Regulator negotiation

- Improvement recommendations

- Recommended sell side actions


The client advised us from the outset that the works were required to be completed within a set timeframe. This was necessary in order to meet the goal of placing the sites onto the market as quickly as feasibly possible, as the client was looking to transfer a number of assets as part of a portfolio holding shake up.

Our client had concerns of a serious risk of an environmental incident or liability at the portfolio of sites due to current land uses and tenant activities, as well as historical practices at the locations. The potential risks the client was aware of included contaminated land, waste management practice deficiencies and generally poor environmental management by the tenants.


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Our client asked us to assess the sites and to review the existing information, including access to a project data room which contained various environmental, planning and property specific reports. We dispatched our experienced project team of consultants who provided the environmental liability assessment for our client. Following the data assessment and site inspection stage we presented the client with a detailed yet concise report for each site, accompanied by our recommendations on actions that could be implemented from an environmental perspective to maintain the asset value and to reduce the potential for an environmental incident.

This enabled our client to be able to make an informed decision regarding each site, and to implement any desired improvements before the assets were placed for sale. Therefore, providing a positive contribution to the client's end goal to successfully list the properties for sale.

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