Gold Coast Airport

RPS’ Gold Coast surveying team has supported key projects at the Gold Coast Airport - one of Australia’s fastest growing international airports.


Operational 18 hours a day, the Gold Coast Airport presented a unique opportunity for our team to undertake complex onsite surveying to support a redevelopment plan to drive long-term passenger growth and ongoing maintenance of the airport.

Given the operational constraints at the airport and the daily influx of staff and travellers, capturing vast amounts of spatial information extremely quickly was essential for our work.

Airplane parked in front of Western Sydney Airport terminal window

Surveying to support redevelopment plan

Gold Coast Airport’s redevelopment plan, Project LIFT (Let’s Invest for Tomorrow), aims to increase the airport’s capacity to meet future demands with a focus on expansion of the terminal building, additional aircraft parking stands and a consolidated ground transport facility.

To support the redevelopment plan, our surveying team developed a Building Information Model (BIM) of the existing conditions of the domestic and international terminals so our client could assess the potential of the site with accurate spatial data.

Gold Coast concept render plaza

To minimise the impact on airport’s operations and fast-track the work, our spatial surveyors ran laser scanners onsite for 24 hours a day over two days. We also undertook staged processing of the point cloud data to compress project timelines.

Runway 14 surveying

To assist with ongoing monitoring for maintenance and future planning, an accurate spatial record of the airport’s runway 14 was needed. 

With site access restricted to six hours per day during non-operational hours, our team opted to use terrestrial laser scanning over traditional survey methods to survey all hardstand features of the runway. Using this method resulted in a time saving of approximately 30 hours, reducing the overall survey project cost by 35%.

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