Extensive experience of the oil and gas assets of Equatorial Guinea

For over 20 years, RPS provided integrated technical and operational support to the Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy. During that time, our team built a unique understanding of the country’s oil and gas assets.

Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons (formerly Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy)

Equatorial Guinea

Services delivered

  • Subsurface Technical (Geoscience, Petrophysics & Reservoir Engineering)
  • Mid/Downstream Technical Services
  • Petroleum/Petrochemicals Commercial and Economic Support
  • M&A Transaction Support
  • Competent Persons Reporting
  • Data Management
  • Training

Deep expertise brings a unique perspective

Over the 20 years that RPS supported the Government of Equatorial Guinea, our team built up a thorough understanding of the country’s oil and gas assets and developed expertise in all aspects of the producing assets. This deep understanding enables RPS to bring a unique perspective to the oil and gas sector in this region, which adds value to our clients’ projects around the globe, but particularly in Equatorial Guinea where there are still opportunities for development as the existing assets continue to produce.

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The Equatorial Guinea petroleum industry's rapid development

Significant expansion of the petroleum industry in Equatorial Guinea started in the 1990s after the discovery of the Alba gas condensate field in 1983, and the subsequent discovery of the Zafiro and Ceiba fields.

Rapid development continued throughout the 2000s with the discovery of the Okume field complex and the Aseng field, and the early 2010s with the Alen field. Vigorous exploration and rapid development resulted in daily production rising from less than 5,000 bbl/d in 1992 to a 2012 average that exceeded 410,000 bbl/d, declining to 114,000 bbl/d in 2021.

RPS, heavily involved in the petroleum sector in Equatorial Guinea during this time, was able to assist the Government of Equatorial Guinea and Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy to develop the sector into the driving force behind the ongoing growth in Equatorial Guinea's GDP and the country's rapid development.

RPS - a trusted advisor to the Equatorial Guinea petroleum industry since the 1990s

As a trusted advisor to the Government in Equatorial Guinea, through the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy, RPS provided technical, commercial and strategic advice on all aspects of the up, mid and downstream oil and gas sector - from early exploration through development and production of the current oil and gas fields, to the ongoing monitoring of producing assets and drilling activities.

Work carried out on the producing fields (Zafiro, Ceiba and Okume Complex, Alba, Aseng and Alen) included:

  • Review operational activities
  • Maintenance of production databases for each of the assets
  • Geological review
  • Field forecasting
  • Participate in workshops for cessation of gas flaring and production optimisation
  • Project economics and cash-flow modelling
  • Due diligence studies
  • Field Unitisations
  • Joint Development Zone
  • Gas utilisation and supply
  • Petrochemicals
  • Crude oil supply, storage and distribution

RPS also provided support for exploration activity:

  • Licensing round support
  • Monitoring operator exploration activity
  • Petrophysical, geophysical and geological review of newly identified prospects
  • Evaluation of open areas
1.1 billion barrels (170 million m3)
Proven crude oil Reserves
114 Mbbl/d (18,000 m3/d)
Crude oil production rate
1.7 billion barrels (270 million m3)
Cumulative oil production
1 Tscf (39 billion m3)
Proven natural gas Reserves
580 MMscf/d (16.5 million m3/d)
Natural gas production rate
3.5 Tscf (100 billion m3)
Cumulative natural gas production

Statistics source: The data is for 2020 and is taken from the OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin 2021, https://asb.opec.org/

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