Birmingham Airport Hangar

We have played a key role in the concept design and delivery of a new state of the art aircraft maintenance facility (MRO) at Birmingham Airport, providing services across architectural, civil and structural and building services engineering.

In collaboration with the end user Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd (MAEL), we developed the concept design for the facility; incorporating offices for fleet management and specialist workshop space for the inspection and repair of modern composite materials. Exterior works include aircraft parking stands, taxiway link, car parking and access road.

As well as our work on the concept design, we supported the Airport in the Planning process and design of a new taxiway link. Production of tender documents, assessment of tender submission and appointment of a Contractor was also completed by our team. This was followed with project management services during the construction and handover stages.

Key details

Project name

Birmingham Airport MRO Hangar 


Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited


Birmingham Airport


- Civil and structural engineering

- Architecture

- Airfield Planning

- Building services

- Project and cost management

- CDM consultancy


The main requirement was to provide capacity for two Boeing 787 aircraft. The resulting hangar comprised a floor area of 110,000ft² which delivered a column free space provided by two 66m spans. This allowed spatial flexibility, accounting for similar sized aircraft such as B787, A350 as well as 10 narrow-body aircraft. To accommodate this flexibility and provide value for money, an innovative design solution was used in the design of the hangar floor. Details include varying the floor thickness to match aircraft positions, based around the fixed position of the largest aircraft.

Support facilities included 25,000ft² of offices for fleet management and specialist workshop space. Buildability was incorporated during design development to minimise disruption to airport activities as the hangar was located airside.


RPS supports aviation sector success


We provided a true multi-disciplinary team to deliver the project within time and budget. This comprised architectural, civil and structural engineering, building services, CDM consultancy and project management.

A collaborative approach with MAEL, Birmingham Airport and the Contractor was maintained throughout the project. This included workshops with MAEL to understand their capital and operational requirements, discussing safeguarding and minimising disruption to operations for the Airport, as well as consulting with the Contractor for buildability issues.

During construction, we were appointed as Employer’s Agent and ensured the project was delivered on time for MAEL’s growing winter maintenance programme, whilst also meeting very tight budgetary constraints.

Practical completion was achieved in October 2013 with the facility initially providing 150 new jobs to the local community. 


Project statistics

Floor area
66 metre
Offices for fleet management and specialist workshop space

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