Nature-based solutions for land owners

With the pressure on to reach net zero, a rapidly increasing number of businesses are turning their attention to carbon reduction strategies. As a direct result, offsetting solutions are becoming increasingly sought after which puts landholders in a unique position.

What are nature-based solutions?

Nature-based solutions (NbS) help to improve biodiversity and restore ecosystems. They are also one of our greatest weapons in the fight against climate change. Through carbon sequestration, NbS effectively and efficiently absorb carbon and store it, mitigating the effects of climate change.

Typical nature-based solutions include:

Woodland planting.png

Why use your land for nature-based solutions?

Nature-based solutions deliver numerous benefits for land holders, they can:

  • Enable sustainable land management
  • Improve biodiversity
  • Protect natural resources and provide natural capital benefits
  • Reduce localised flooding
  • Reduce pollution and improve air quality
  • Lead to long-term land productivity
  • Provide an income stream and deliver financial rewards through incentives.

Assessing your land’s potential

Our ecologists and landscape architects deliver a robust assessment to determine the carbon sequestration potential of your land. Our assessment will detail your carbon credits, natural capital benefits, flood risk reductions, nutrient improvements and potential biodiversity net gain credits through habitat creation.  

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