Our engineers and scientists solve problems with creative thinking and practical application of technology and evolving tools. Our global centres of excellence develop and implement advanced solutions for our project teams. We solve complex problems by merging creativity with agile implementation of technologies, including geospatial engines, virtual reality, data analytics and artificial intelligence, drones and multimedia sensors, and the use of cloud computing and innovative data dissemination.

Innovation highlights

  • As energy availability via traditional means becomes more challenging, modern projects require dynamic approaches. The Smart Energy team at RPS provide unique solutions.

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  • Designing an airport in the Gold Coast required integration of multiple drawings and design elements – the RPS teams in Australia and Ireland used Building Information Modelling (BIM) to integrate 3D laser data.

    02 /04
  • RPS uses drones to support our survey teams, seismic operations in remote places, our marine mammal observers, and to find unexploded ordnance across the globe.

    03 /04
  • RPS delivered a breakthrough award-winning robotic system allowing gas utilities to identify mains conditions. This involved developing two robots, for inspection and repair, which extend the life of large diameter cast iron pipeline infrastructure.

    04 /04
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We are confidently pragmatic

Our tools allow our staff to use data and software to leverage their expertise and deliver an immersive user experience to help us understand complex issues efficiently. We use technology to support our clients to deliver projects successfully.

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Data intelligence

RPS is a developer and implementor of spatial intelligence solutions. From sensors that support survey and real-time data collection activities to big data management and dissemination, we think spatially, and deliver projects and software to our clients that allow them to understand the complex world. 


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