Scottish Water appoints RPS, A Tetra Tech Company for Water Asset Management Contract

09 May 2023

We are pleased to announce that Scottish Water, Scotland’s publicly owned water utility, awarded RPS, a Tetra Tech Company, a £60 million, single-award contract to provide comprehensive asset management services.

Scottish Water delivers water and wastewater services across Scotland through 60,000 miles of pipes and more than 2,000 treatment works. Under this eight-year contract, Tetra Tech will inspect, analyse, and report on the condition of more than 2,500 assets annually, with a focus on the development of digital solutions to optimize the collection and analysis of data. This will enable Scottish Water to better understand rates of deterioration and help prioritize future maintenance and investment decisions for their water utility assets.

"Tetra Tech has used our Leading with Science® approach to support Scottish Water with technical and operational support, and critical infrastructure design services for more than 20 years," said Dan Batrack, Tetra Tech Chairman and CEO. “Through our RPS operations in the United Kingdom, we look forward to incorporating the latest technologies to help Scottish Water make rapid and informed decisions to optimise and sustain their infrastructure assets.”

The framework contract commenced in April 2023 and run for an initial 4-year period, with potential extensions up to 2031. Over 2,000 assets are expected to be inspected on an annual basis, with a total value of £20-£30 million over the initial 4-year period.

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