Schönkirchen 3D Seismic Survey

This was a major onshore 3D seismic survey in the Vienna Basin for OMV Austria. The aim of the seismic survey was to acquire deep geological data under a mature producing oilfield.  There were significant environmental and time constraints on the project which were successfully overcome.

Key Details

Project name
Schönkirchen 3D Seismic Survey

OMV Austria Exploration and Production GmbH

Vienna Basin, Austria

Start date
Early January 2018

Key milestones:

  • Completion of Phase I of the project before the start of the spring sowing season
  • Completion of major project with no HSE incidents
  • Completion of project within budget and with good data quality

Completion date
End of March 2018

Services Provided

  • Seismic QC Supervision
  • HSE Supervision / Project Management
  • Technical Audit


This was a detailed 3D study covering a variety of environmentally sensitive areas.  There were many roads and villages, an operating oil field and large expanses of farmland, including commercial vineyards.

To avoid causing damage to crops, the survey was planned for the winter months and had to be completed before farmers commenced work again in the spring.

Technically the geologic target was deep, and the aim was to acquire a high-quality full azimuth dataset at a reasonable cost.

Land Seismic  - Schonkirchen


The programme used innovative techniques to acquire the seismic data.  These included the use of a cable-free nodal recording system to minimise the physical impact of the survey, and four fleets of seismic vibrators operating in “slip sweep” mode to maximise production.

Project statistics

12 x 12 km
receiver template
source points
577 km2
receiver area
LTIs or reportable HSE incidents

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