Tony LaPierre

Technical Director - Seismic Operations and Site Investigations

Tony LaPierre is the Technical Director of seismic operations and site investigations at RPS, in Houston. Tony has degrees in Geology BSc (Hons) and Engineering MASc. He has 35 years of geophysical industry experience, including the 24 years with RPS. Tony’s responsibility at RPS covers seismic and site investigation consultancy services worldwide.  His core area of expertise is providing teams of technical experts to project manage and supervise geophysical and geotechnical projects. He manages a team has worked on some of the world’s largest and most complex exploration seismic and geotechnical projects.  He has presented papers at geophysical and geological conferences in Cairo, Copenhagen, Dublin, Halifax, Houston, and Moscow.  Tony’s ability to understand what is required in the field is based on his extensive experience offshore on marine seismic and seabed studies.

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