A day in the life of a Senior Land Surveyor

Vincenzo Annese has been a part of our Geomatics team for nearly 10 years, we spoke to him about his role as a Senior Land Surveyor and his career progression. 

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What does your work entail?

My role as a Senior Land Surveyor includes many different activities. I split my time between work onsite and in the office. On-site, I am responsible for taking accurate measurements of whatever I have been asked to survey. Jobs are allocated from the office and information is passed on regarding the specification of the job, including any important health and safety aspects that I will need to consider. Land surveys can be rivers, roads, motorways, farmland, water treatment works and urban areas. Building surveys are varied but can be offices, factories, or residential housing on a typical site. The equipment I am required to use is quite varied, but I mainly use a theodolite and laser scanner. 

After the initial survey on site, I then spend some time in the office drawing and mapping the information from the survey. I use a variety of survey software depending on the type of survey and how the data was captured.

Most survey work is completed as part of a team, and I really enjoy working on surveys with my colleagues from RPS. Sometimes it’s hard work and you must organize and prioritize your time to meet deadlines but it’s always great to see a job through from the initial data collection stage to completion and delivery to the client’s requirements.

You’ve been a surveyor for many years, how does RPS differ from other companies you’ve worked for?

During my 30 years working in the surveying industry, I have seen many changes, with hardware and software evolving all the time. RPS is the largest company I have worked for and the systems in place to manage work are effective, allowing me time to work on-site and in the office. RPS is very employee focused and is keen to stay up to date with all the latest technology and software, so you always feel like you are working with the best technology – gone are the days of working with a large drawing board and a tape measure!

What has made you stay with RPS for almost 10 years?

As RPS is a large international company there are many opportunities to develop in a different way and access promotional opportunities if this is what you are looking for.

I enjoy working at RPS because health & safety is at the forefront of all the jobs we do and there is no compromise for this – always being reminded that your own, and the health and safety of others is the most important thing. I have access to Toolbox talks too which provide me with information about my work and regular bulletins and updates on any incidents or changes in weather conditions. If you ever have a problem though there is always someone to ask.

I really enjoy the variety of the surveys I am asked to complete. No two days are the same. Sometimes our office will organise social events which are fun. In the last 12 months, we have been to cricket and darts and we have also seen our colleague playing and winning at rugby.

What career progression and training opportunities have you had with RPS?

RPS have given me the opportunity to learn new skills and last year I was given the amazing opportunity in learning how to use a drone and to gain my pilot’s license to capture survey data, which is very different from traditional survey methods, covering vast areas in a small amount of time. Last year I was also promoted to Senior Surveyor and enjoy developing and mentoring other less experienced members of the team. Any other professional development is discussed during yearly appraisal meetings where I have the chance to have a discussion with my line manager about career progression, RPS are very supportive and interested to know my opinion. I feel valued as an employee.

You are the mental health representative for our Services division, can you tell us about what this involves?

RPS really values the well-being of its staff and when I was asked to be the Mental Health Representative for the Stafford Office three years ago, I was really pleased to be asked. I attend regular meetings with other mental health representatives within RPS to develop and introduce ideas which may help employees. I am given the time to carry out this role in work time as the company believes that it is important to look after company employees and ensure that their well-being is the best it can be. My work in this area ranges from signposting employees to the appropriate support they may need or just having time for a chat over a cup of tea. All staff have my contact details if they need anything.

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