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30 Nov 2022

Fasil Worku - Associate Engineer

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What is it like to work as an Associate Engineer?

So as an associate engineer, I mainly do what the resource engineering tasks us.  Such as hydraulic modeling, hydrogeology modeling, GIS analysis those kinds of things.

How did you learn about this field and what made you choose this career?

During elementary school, I had an opportunity to see a water resources project, irrigation project, and water supply project. In my, and around, my city. That's how I developed an interest in working in the water resource field. Basically, that was my motivation to become a Water Resources engineer.

What makes your job exciting?

I enjoy the most the ability to solve all problems that matter using modeling tools and software.

Where did you grow up and how did that influence your decision to become a Water Resources Engineer?

I grew up in Ethiopia in a town called Bale-Robe. So at the time, there was a water supply project for the city and there was also an irrigation project which was underway for a rural community in the area. So that's how I got to know what a Water Resources Engineer or a hydrogeology engineer could do. And I had the opportunity to see what kind of problem they solved, so that is how I am motivated to become a Water Resources Engineer.

What is the best part of working at RPS?

So, there is a lot of opportunity to grow within the company, so I think that is the best part. And then the other best thing about RPS is that the company prioritizes employees. Those are the best thing about the company.

How does RPS help you grow and shape your career?

I first did an internship with RPS, and then they gave me an offer to the company as an associate engineer. And then after I had the experience of working on water resources projects and modeling tasks, they offered me the opportunity to work on different water resources projects, the ability to produce modeling resources, and then prepare reports. So that is very important to me.

How would you describe your colleagues here at RPS? 

So, we have a very great team in Houston Water team.  There are many project managers, there are also senior project engineers.  So, as a young professional or if you are in the early stage of your career, there is a very nice opportunity to learn from senior engineers and project managers.

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