RPS Releases First US-Approved Protected Species Observation Online Course

12 Aug 2016

RPS Group has been the leader in providing Protected Species Observer (PSO) services around the world for over a decade and we are pleased to announce our release of the first online PSO training course accepted by a U.S government agency.

We continuously endeavor to find new ways to deliver top-quality training programs, and our latest development is the creation of an eLearning program. By providing our intensive PSO training course online, we have set the bar for all other training programs with respect to transparency and delivery of content.

The course content was developed and designed by RPS instructors from the PSO group whom are accepted as PSO Trainers by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE). The instructors collaborated with highly experienced PSOs, degreed biologists, educators, industry professionals, and government employees to create informative and challenging material. The development of the website was an internal collaboration between all three of RPS training groups, Métier, PIECE, and Nautilus, who worked together to both create the course and conduct rigorous, formal software testing to ensure functionality of all components.

Previously, our training structure was limited to a one-day, on-site course where students were provided with a large amount of information to process and retain all at once. Furthermore, the material that could be taught was restricted to that short timeframe. Transforming our training structure into an online course creates an autonomous learning environment, allowing students to better process and retain material, which results in better comprehension of the content and more proficient PSOs! We are also now able to include more in-depth material and present the content in a more stimulating format, including interactive games and quizzes, videos, and slideshows. This online format also makes the course accessible to a larger audience, while providing both a time and cost-effective way to train. Oil and Gas companies and seismic contractors can complete the program to further their understanding of the marine seismic regulatory environment, and marine biology students can sign up to acquire professional skills and make themselves more attractive to future employers, all from the comfort of their own homes.

We are proud to raise the standard for training in a challenging regulatory environment and continue to provide the excellent services that our clients have come to expect from us!

For more information visit www.psoetraining.com

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