RPS’ Climate Careers Zone launches: COP26 inspired virtual learning experience

26 Oct 2021

In just under a week, world leaders will come together in Glasgow for COP26, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference and an event that will bring together heads of state, climate experts and campaigners to agree and accelerate coordinated action to tackle climate change.

In support of COP26, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of RPS’ Climate Careers Zone.

RPS’ Climate Careers Zone is a virtual learning experience that brings the future of our towns and cities to life. Aimed at 12-16-year-olds who feel they are facing an uncertain future, it’s designed to support young people with knowledge and insight on how they can be part of the climate solution; inspiring them on a career path that can make a difference.

Jen Hamilton, Managing Director – Design at RPS, comments:  

“The Climate Careers Zone is a free educational resource that is available to students around the world. Imagine a virtual city that explores how the built environment will need to adapt and respond to climate change, as well as showcasing some of the the skillsets and professions needed to help us achieve the COP26 goals.

“We’re thrilled to be launching this today and hope to bring COP26 and its goals to life for young people. This is their future, and we want to inspire them about what we can achieve together.” 

The Climate Careers Zone features three areas: a mini city of the future, the careers zone amphitheatre and main exhibition hall.

  • In the mini city students can navigate through 13 different neighbourhoods to explore sustainable solutions for how we design, build, power and manage our built environment in the future. It takes complex topics, such as embodied carbon, biodiversity and renewable energy, and makes them easy to understand through a range of infographics, videos and other interactive content. 
  • Heading out to the careers zone amphitheatre students can learn about some of the careers that will play a major role on the path to net zero carbon – hearing from RPS colleagues who have shared their experiences, insight and advice.
  • The exhibition hall shares tips on how students can make a difference in their everyday lives and includes the opportunity to complete their own climate pledge. From here students can continue their exploration with a virtual window to jump straight in to Green Building Council’s COP26 Virtual Pavilion.

Click here to dive in and explore

UK & Ireland schools outreach  

RPS is also taking the Climate Careers Zone directly into schools across the UK & Ireland. In partnership with STEM Learning, RPS STEM Ambassadors will host interactive sessions with students in secondary schools, including guided access to the zone and providing first-hand insight on a career in their industries. 

RPS is looking for schools interested in taking part. If you know of a school who might be interested in taking part register here.

Together we can #shapethechange



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