Area 1 3D Seismic Survey

RPS provided Al Yasat Petroleum Operating Company with a full range of QC/ QA and audit services during this major high-production, high-fold 3D desert seismic survey in a remote region of Abu Dhabi. 

Key details

Project name
Area 1 3D Seismic Survey

Al Yasat Petroleum Operating Company          

Area1, Abu Dhabi

Services provided
Seismic QC Supervision
HSE Supervision
Geodetic Supervision
In-Field Processing Supervision
Technical Audit
Ad Hoc UXO / ERW Advice

Start date: December 2017

Key milestones:

  • Completion of major project with no HSE incidents
  • Completion of project within budget and with good data quality

Completion date: August 2018


This was a detailed 3D study covering a variety of desert terrains including sand dunes and subkhat (salt) strip.  There was also the added challenge of a wilderness reserve and a military firing range.

Summer-time temperatures regularly exceeded the mid-40s Cº so management of heat-related stress was essential for all field workers.

The aim was to acquire a high quality full azimuth dataset at a reasonable cost to merge with previously acquired 3D data in adjacent areas.

Land Seismic - Al Yasat 3D


The programme used modern high production techniques to acquire the seismic data.  This included the use of up to 14 seismic vibrators operating independently in “slip sweep” mode in order to maximise production.  In a subsequent phase of the programme the crew started night-time operations to further increase production rates.

Project statistics

source points
live channels in template
12 x 12 km
receiver template
833 km2
full-fold area
LTIs or major HSE incidents

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