Brisbane 2032: creating a legacy for Queensland

Maximising benefits for Queensland communities

The investment decisions we make about Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games venues, accommodation, transport, and sustainability will shape the lives of millions before, during and after the competition is over.


At RPS, we want to help ensure the Games leave a lasting positive legacy.



We specialise in

  • Maximising the social and commercial benefits of investment in inclusive infrastructure
  • Planning and placemaking with community and Country connections at heart
  • Streamlining approvals through practical strategy and evidence-based advice
  • Creating positive connections between stakeholders, projects, and communities
  • Shaping sustainable regions through low carbon projects and energy transition initiatives
  • Deal advice, working with government agencies and the private sector on investment prioritisation and opportunities to unlock maximum value from developments and acquisitions.
  • Guiding initiatives through the entire project lifecycle, from inception to delivery

Benefits before, during and after Brisbane 2032

"The Games aren't just a chance for Queensland to take its place on the world stage. They're an opportunity for us to invest in world-class infrastructure that's inclusive, accessible, connected and valued by the Queensland communities of today, and tomorrow"

Arthur Stamatoudis, Executive Director - Advisory

Brisbane, Queensland

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Shaping world-class infrastructure


Discover our insights

  • Insight: Legacy lessons for Brisbane 2032

    Drawing on his experience acrosss multiple Olympic and Paralympic Games events, RPS Executive Advisor Gary Cox discusses the lessons that Brisbane 2032 can learn from London, Barcelona and Sydney.

    01 /04
    Image of person mid-jump over high jump bar
  • Insight: Why bigger stadium developments are not necessarily better

    RPS' sports and cultural infrastructure expert, Nick Johnson on why modest developments might be a better option for Australian sports arenas

    02 /04
    General pic of sports stadium under lights
  • Insight: Beyond the Games

    Brisbane Planning Manager, Joanne Counsins on the lessons of Expo 88 and the opportunities of Brisbane 2032

    03 /04
  • Insight: City-shaping. Why it's time to think bigger

    Urban Design National Lead, Peter Egerton on why we need to elevate the city-shaping conversation and start talking about region-shaping for Queensland.

    04 /04

A placemaking legacy

"In preparing for Brisbane 2032 we need to think about the lived experience that Olympic and Paralympic projects can help us deliver. What story do we want our public spaces, venues, accommodation and transport to tell about our Queensland lifestyle? How can the spaces we plan make life better for our communities decades into the future? The opportunity is huge to make Brisbane 2032 the 'placemaking Games' and create a proud legacy for Queensland."

Penny Cooper, Strategy Lead - Great Places and Spaces

Brisbane Queensland

Penny Cooper, Strategy Lead - Great Places and Spaces

Webinar: Creating a social legacy from the Brisbane 2032 Games

Drawing on insights from his work on social legacy initiatives for the London 2012 and Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, RPS Social Advisory and Research Executive Advisor, Dr Gary Cox discusses the legacy potential of Brisbane 2032 in a webinar hosted by RPS, in partnership with the Infrastructure Association of Queensland (IAQ).

Photo of Brisbane riverside city

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Arthur Stamatoudis, Executive General Manager - Strategy and Investment

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Penny Cooper

Penny Cooper

Executive - Great Places & Spaces T: +61 7 3539 9500 Email
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Kirsty Barrie, RPS - Senior Project Manager

Kirsty Barrie

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Nick Johnson

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Andrew Galt

Andrew Galt

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