Cross River Rail

RPS consultants are providing key strategy guidance to Brisbane’s Cross River Rail project - an initiative that will fundamentally enhance South East Queensland’s transport infrastructure network.


A complex initiative incorporating a new 10.2km heavy rail line, five new high-capacity stations and a 5.9km twin tunnel under the Brisbane River and CBD, Cross River Rail represents a major investment in transport connection and efficiency for Australia’s third largest city.

Engaged as part of the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority (CRRDA) transaction team, RPS personnel are providing strategic advice to CRRDA on the procurement of contract packages – the largest of which being the Tunnel, Station and Development (TSD) public private partnership (PPP) package and the Rail Systems and Integration (RIS) alliance package.

Cross River Rail - artist's impression of Exhibition Station

Cross River Rail Delivery Authority


With extensive experience leading commercial and transaction advisory teams on major PPP and Alliance projects all over Australia, our team was specifically invited by senior members of the Cross River Rail executive to contribute as embedded members of the CRRDA team.

Drawing on our experience working on similar rail infrastructure initiatives including Sydney Metro in New South Wales and the Level Crossing Removal Program in Victoria, our advisors have driven significant efficiencies and improvements for Cross River Rail including enhanced procurement approaches, clearer project objectives setting and evaluation criteria, improved returnable schedules for tenders, interactive tender processes and more.

RPS has also been working closely with Cross River Rail’s legal, financial and technical advisors to improve the clarity and suitability of Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation before it is released to the market. This work is helping to generate enhanced value outcomes for the project through clear up-front engagement with private sector partners tenderers about works package scope, requirement and expectation.

Project statistics

$5.4 b
Infrastructure project for the city of Brisbane
New high capacity train stations
Current public transport capacity across the river and into the CBD from the south
less private vehicle kilometres travelled per day

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