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At RPS, we use the latest technologies to enable water and climate adaption solutions in response to the environmental impacts of climate change and water scarcity

We solve problems that matter

Water is vital to human life, health, and prosperity. Ensuring the quality and equitable distribution of water resources in a sustainable way is a constant challenge for authorities and providers.

Working alongside world-renowned water custodians including Thames Water, Scottish Water and Sydney Water, we provide technical and commercial expertise to sustainably utilise, manage, and conserve water resources. From leak monitoring and detection services that are improving efficiencies across London’s municipal network, to dewatering strategies that support safe mining operations in remote northern Australia.

The physical impacts of  climate change are most often first felt in water.

Unbalanced and unexpected distribution of water – unmanageable water or no access to water at all - are events that are occurring more often and more severely.

Finding integrated solutions that shape the way we manage water resilience is inherent in almost every aspect of our lives.

Get to know our people

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Steve Hogg

Wastewater Consultancy Director T: +44 (0)1332 387 650 Email
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Derby | UK
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Michael Shaw

Managing Director - Northern Ireland T: +44 (0) 28 9066 7914 Email
Belfast | UK

Willie Madden

Managing Director - Republic of Ireland T: +353 91 400 200 Email
Galway | Ireland

Bart Standley

Vice President T: +1 281 589 7257 Email
Houston - Dairy Ashford | US
Dr Amir Hedjripour, Technical Director - Water, Sydney NSW Australia

Dr Amir Hedjripour

Technical Director - Water T: +61 2 8099 3200 Email
Sydney | Australia

Brendan Smith

Strategic Director of Growth T: +44 113 220 6190 M: +447548113735 Email
Warrington - Birchwood Park | UK

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