Creative campaign solutions for Ausgrid community battery trial

RPS developed an integrated creative campaign to help Ausgrid establish a community battery trial that harnesses excess solar power.

A sustainable energy trial in need of participants

The Ausgrid community battery trial is the first of its kind on Australia’s east coast. The batteries, located in three neighbourhoods in NSW, work by harnessing excess solar power from local homes.

Community batteries offer the potential to make energy storage more equitable and increase the amount of renewable energy going into the grid as well as offer a flexible alternative to poles and wire investment.

A highly technical and complex concept to communicate, Ausgrid required a clear and concise campaign to facilitate understanding and encourage participation in the trial to bring this innovative technology to life.

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Engaging customers through dynamic creative

RPS was approached by Ausgrid to provide specialised energy sector expertise for both the customer and community engagement strategy and on the accompanying suite of design solutions. The integrated offering needed to entice and educate customers to sign-up and contribute towards the clean energy community battery trial.

The result was a holistic and dynamic service offering including strategic customer engagement, community relations, data insights and bespoke promotional print and digital media to bring it to life. Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities were carefully considered, with publications made available in multiple languages.

RPS supplied regular engagement report data to the client for real-time access to information while also keeping the community informed. The successful campaign also attracted mainstream media attention.

The customer centric design approach resulted in improved brand recognition, strong participation rates and sustained engagement, enabling Ausgrid to trial the battery technology.

Our team's work on the Ausgrid Community Battery Trial was shortlisted as part of the 2023 Australian Design Awards for Graphic Design.


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