Innovative digital engagement for new Footscray Hospital

RPS has created an award-winning digital engagement space that allowed the community to learn and provide feedback on the new Footscray Hospital development.

Meaningful engagement when face-to-face isn’t possible

To meet increasing demand for health services in Melbourne’s western suburbs, the Victorian Government announced it would build a new Footscray Hospital on the corner of Geelong and Ballarat Roads. The $1.5 billion project would be the largest ever health infrastructure investment in the state, to date.

Overseen by the Victorian Health Building Authority (VHBA), the project required a thorough and inclusive engagement approach. However, this would prove challenging as the COVID-19 pandemic meant traditional face-to-face engagement was extremely restricted at key points in the community consultation timeline.

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Digital engagement space for Footscray Hospital

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Reimagining community engagement digitally

VHBA commissioned RPS to create a digital solution to give the local community and relevant stakeholders an opportunity to engage with the project.

RPS’ Creative and Visualisation team members formulated a web-based space that would be relevant, easy to use, and accessible to all members of the community interested in the development.

The result was an award-winning digital engagement space that provided an opportunity for our client to engage with a broad audience. More than 4,000 community members and stakeholders visited the space during the live period.


  • Immersive simulation of in-person engagement experiences

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    new Footscray Hospital Hero.jpg
  • Users interact with project information and provide feedback in real time

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    Footscray Hospital 1000px.jpg
  • Award-winning digital engagement solution for the Victorian Health Building Authority

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    Footscray Hospital 1000px (2).jpg

Interactive and immersive online engagement

The new Footscray Hospital digital engagement space was designed to provide an innovative and engaging online experience that simulated an in-person engagement session. The dynamic 3D virtual platform allowed visitors to learn about the project through videos and downloadable fact sheets, as well as participate through interactive elements. Construction of the hospital is now underway, with the new Footscray Hospital expected to open in 2025.

The digital engagement space has been recognised for the outstanding approach taken to design and was awarded:

  • GOLD Melbourne Design Awards (2022)
  • GOLD Government Design Awards (2022)
  • GOLD Australian Design Awards - Architecture Community and Civic (2023)
  • SILVER Australian Design Awards - Digital, Government Services (2023)



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