Mine clearance on Turkey's eastern border for the UNDP

Anti-personnel mines, left behind as a result of conflicts from the 1980s near the eastern boarders of Turkey, pose enormous risk to life and property when left in-situ.

In 2016, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) awarded RPS the contract to conduct UXO Contractor Management QA/QC Services.

Project statistics

mines cleared
of land released
people worked on the project
local QA/QC officers recruited, trained and accredited


A total of 225 minefields needed to be cleared to support socioeconomic development and increased border surveillance capacity. The type of mines that had been laid ranged from heavy metallic bounding mines to minimum metal mines.

Over time, minefield boundaries had become very difficult to define. Prior surveys had been performed but not to the level of accuracy that was needed to safely clear the mines.

RPS oversaw a new survey, which included the participation of a clearance company, and a delegation from the National Mine Action Centre in Turkey (TURMAC).

We also supported mine clearance equipment logistics, recruitment of local staff in compliance with Turkish employment laws, residency process for out of country staff, and local tax compliance.

Key details

Project name
Socioeconomic Development - through demining and increasing the border surveillance capacity at the eastern borders of Turkey


Eastern Borders of Turkey

March 2016 to November 2019

Services provided

  • Contract management
  • QA/QC services on the clearance project
  • Training
  • Logistics


RPS recruited 11 individuals with previous military experience. They were supported by us throughout the accreditation process and joined RPS as QA/QC Investigators. We also oversaw the assessment and accreditation required for the local clearance company. All assessments leading to the accreditation followed International Mine Action Standards.

During all phases of the work, RPS' in-country team developed and implemented changes to the work schedules, keeping everyone working efficiently and safely.

Manual demining teams, mine clearance vehicles and mine detection dogs were deployed during this large-scale mine clearance program.


Since the project started, over 45,000 mines have been located and destroyed releasing 4.6 million m2 of land for improved border control, industry and agricultural use.

To learn more about this humanitarian project check out this short film from the UNDP.

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