Foundation Meteorological and Oceanographic Information System (FMIS)

As part of the Australian Defence Force’s $200 billion commitment to modernise defence systems and capability, RPS is combining the unique skills of three of its teams to develop a world-class meteorological and oceanographic information system for use by the Australian Defence Force.


Selected to lead the Foundation Meteorological and Oceanographic Information System (FMIS) project, RPS specialists are collaborating to create an enterprise-level system to support Defence activities that include meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) information in their planning.

RPS Information and Telecommunications (ICT) solutions


FMIS will deliver METOC data with visualisation and decision-support tools to Defence users using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web services over a standard browser. The system leverages cloud-based infrastructure setup by the Australia Geospatial Organisation.

Together, our multi-disciplinary team will create a state-of-the-art, scalable platform to help Defence collect, interrogate and share METOC data from across the world. Sophisticated decision-support tools will be integrated to guide and inform Defence planning.

All development work is being delivered in a secure environment, overseen by members of RPS’ project management team - specialists who have spent their entire careers working on Defence projects, and are intimately familiar with Defence objectives, security protocols and sensitivities.


  • Cloud-based solution providing enterprise-wide access and visualisation to Defence users, anywhere anytime.
  • Collection and processing of 'big data' encompassing METOC information.
  • Virtual project delivery team dispersed across three main geographies.
  • Thousands of hours of software development.

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