Brinsford Lodge, Featherstone

We completed a detailed Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for Countryside Properties (West Midlands), incorporating a conceptual Drainage Strategy for foul and surface water.

The site comprises 81 dwellings (70% market dwellings and 30% affordable housing) with a football pitch, changing rooms, formal and informal open space. The 4.9 hectare site is flat and currently comprises an area of previously developed land which was developed during the Second World War as accommodation for workers at a local munitions factory.

As part of the site appraisal process, it was necessary to demonstrate that the proposed development can be achieved with no risk of flooding and without increasing flood risk to third parties. Our hydrology team was called into complete a Flood Risk Assessment in collaboration with the client’s wider project team.

A watercourse located to the south of the development site, Featherstone Brook, was investigated during our site visit. We carried out a site-specific assessment of this watercourse to determine the flood risk from this source, as requested by Staffordshire County Council (SCC) in their role as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA).


Key details

Project name

Brinsford Lodge


Countryside Properties (West Midlands)


West Midlands (South Staffordshire Local Planning Authority)

Services provided:

- Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)

- Conceptual Drainage Strategy (Surface Water and Foul Water)

- LLFA consultation support

- Discharge of Conditions

- Civil engineering


Staffordshire County Council (SCC) in its capacity as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) provided a planning application response in January 2020. This was based upon review of the information submitted in the FRA and Drainage Strategy. The SCC response described 5 specific issues to address.

The primary requirement for this was to provide a more detailed analysis of the ordinary watercourse flood risk and implications.

Brinsford Lodge Featherstone site


Our analysis of the Featherstone Brook, along with the associated structures and floodplain, included the details from additional topographic survey and brook cross sections work. The additional assessment was completed without the need for any additional hydraulic modelling of the watercourse with the extra cost and time that this would have involved.

Each of the 5 issues was successfully addressed through a full written response by our team.


Project statistics

2.8 hectares
Housing development
2.1 hectares
Recreational space
44 dwellings
Per hectare
Market dwellings
Affordable housing

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