RPS lead Ofwat Innovation Fund Project with Yorkshire Water to investigate new lining solutions for water pipes

We are pleased to announce that RPS will be working with Yorkshire Water, to explore lining solutions, delivering a robust water network in the UK, fit for the 21st century and beyond.

As part of the Ofwat Innovation Fund Catalyst Stream, Yorkshire Water has partnered with a number of water companies to look into lining solutions to assist with achieving the challenging targets that they face, particularly around leakage and customer contact. Lining solutions are a cost-effective and sustainable method of improving the potable water networks that companies operate. They can also help to reduce traffic disruption caused by these types of interventions, as they can be done quicker and with fewer excavations.

The scope of this project will look at the requirements and specifications for a 21st century liner, that meets the needs of the industry, is affordable and has a long asset life. This work will lead to a submission to the larger Transformational Stream of the Ofwat Innovation Fund to fully develop the solution. Recognising the years of deep expertise RPS has in the water industry and asset management, Yorkshire Water have selected us as part of their project team. This also builds on a successful project delivered by the same RPS-led team, to look at lining solutions in the UKWIR strategic big question programme on leakage.

RPS will be taking a technical lead on in the project working in collaboration with water companies, industry experts and project partner Isle Utilities, to achieve the required outcomes.

Dr Joe Sanders, Technical Director at RPS, who is the lead for the project, said “This is a vitally important piece of work for Yorkshire Water and the wider industry. With all the challenges around leakage and customer contact, a reliable long lasting and cost-effective lining solution will be a great step forward for the industry. It is great that RPS can build on the work that we have done previously and our experience in this area to deliver the project.”

Chris Offer, Director of Strategy and Regulation at Yorkshire Water, said: “Pipe lining is a fantastic alternative to digging and replacing pipes. It’s cheaper, less disruptive and offers large carbon savings. However, we need new lining solutions that have both an enhanced lifespan and deliver performance that meets the demands of a 21st century water network. This ambitious project offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with others, to define what we need from a new lining solution and deliver this to market.”

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