Transportation planning using myProjects

Transportation planning influences the patterns of growth and economic advancement for cities as a means of accessibility and convenience. Ensuring projects address public concerns such as pollution, environmental resources, social equity, and safety impacts planning and priorities. It’s a result of thriving versus surviving cities and populations.

Managing Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP)

As a metropolitan planning organization (MPO), managing your Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) efficiently and effectively is key to successful growth and development. Many TIPs are still managed using spreadsheets are paper forms, causing delays and redundant processes. TIP management can be a less frustrating and streamlined process when supported through a digital program management platform. By capturing your upcoming transportation project information in an accessible, secure, and cloud-based location, you can create transparency in the process to manage and make decisions effectively, efficiently and accurately.

Digitally enhanced program management

By combining program management support with a digital program and project management tool, teams can meet demands and free up resources for the projects that matter most.

Collaborative platforms, like myProjects, help reduce disconnected and redundant data sources and free up time each month during the reporting process. All these benefits create a new level of confidence in your TIP data while making the most of your budgets. myProjects offers a scalable and flexible solution to reduce implementation challenges and enables adaptability for growing and changing plans.


Program management


  • Transportation improvement plans
  • CIP and bond program development
  • Program management support
  • Full-service program delivery
  • Staff augmentation
  • Schedule and budget tracking
  • Risk management
  • Project and program reporting
  • myProjects



  • Automated project workflows
  • Schedule and budget tracking
  • Risk and issue management
  • Real-time graphical reporting
  • Advanced data security
  • Data validation

Flexible for short and long-term plans

myProjects is a scalable, flexible solution that can grow with your TIP program. Schedule and cost modules allow you to build schedules and budgets and monitor progress in real-time. Long-Range Transportation Plans (LRTP) can also be managed through myProjects to help capture progress against a city’s longer term growth vision.

Flexible for short and long-term plans.png

Effective planning

Well-executed TIPs are vital to a community’s future vitality. Keys to success include a robust evaluation process and collaborative participation with stakeholders. Given limited budgets for all the various capital projects in a regional area, time and transparency of the process are critical to successful implementation.  With our adaptive governance designer, custom workflows can be created for the best program fit and ensure deliverability of complex, multi-phase programs.


Dashboards for quick decision-making

myProjects uses PowerBI enabled dashboards for a visual analysis of key metrics and the ability to identify any issues before they become critical. This collaborative workspace can be easily tailored to specific needs of various stakeholders, resulting in a high-performing TIP.

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