Rail journeys: Sarah Dixon

Sarah hasn’t spent her entire career in the rail sector – but when she joined, she was hit by the creative, diverse and passionate people she met who were all working to get people from A to B.

QWhat was your journey into rail?

My career hasn’t taken a defined or a clear trajectory, it's twisted and turned. I started off with an economics degree in property investment management and then worked in banking, telecommunications, infrastructure and property.

After many years in the private sector, a mentor suggested I should round out my CV with government experience. So, my next move was to Sydney Metro. I joined this incredibly passionate, informed and quirky team. And almost instantly, I thought this is really so much fun.

Now at RPS, I’m still able to work on rail projects (among others), which is great.

Quick Q&A

Favourite rail movie?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – love that movie!


Downtown Train by Tom Waits or (My baby takes the) Morning Train by Sheena Easton.

Rail travel experience?

My morning commute! The train hugs the coast from Wollongong into the Royal National Park to Sydney – nothing short of spectacular.


QWhat's it like to work in the rail sector?

Most of my rail experience is in and around Sydney. The city is densely populated, so to work on public transport infrastructure and services, you need to be creative, highly pragmatic and adaptable.

To develop, deliver and operate a rail line is so complex. There are so many skills needed from civil and electrical engineers, community engagement to town planners. It involves industrial relations, property development and local, state and federal government inputs. There are the tracks and rolling stock and stations, and more.

That complexity means there’s a lot of collaboration and people working across multiple divisions – not in silos. I like the diverse skills that the sector needs and attracts.

QWhat do you love about working in the industry?

What stands out is the passion. The actual product of the rail infrastructure is a tiny component – it’s about the people and bringing those diverse and eclectic skills together that is the great thing about rail and the part I find fascinating.

It doesn’t matter the role in which you play, people are passionate about making sure people can get from A to B. It’s funny, before Covid I didn’t really use the train, but I’ve moved about an hour outside the city. So, now when I go to work, I go on the train and I’m always amazed by how beautiful the station staff are to the passengers – and that passion and dedication is something.

Sarah's view from the South Coast train on her morning commute

Views of sunrise over Stanwell Beach on Sarah's morning commute on the South Coast train! 

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