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Paul Miziewicz, Principal Planner

Paul Miziewiczs, RPS Principal Planner stands in busy Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne CBD with a tram behind him.

With a wealth of experience working on public sector projects, Paul Miziewicz oversees a team of planners working on one of Melbourne’s most anticipated rail transport projectsthe Melbourne Airport Rail Project. Here, Paul shares what he thinks it will take to turn Melbourne into a truly global city, the local band he’s keen on at the moment, and his dreams of leaving a lasting mark on the city of Melbourne. 

QWhat does a day in the life of Paul look like?

I’m a Principal Planner in RPS’ Place and Environment team, responsible for leading a lot of statutory approval applications for major infrastructure projects, particularly in the rail sector.

I also do quite a bit of work with RPS’ Communications and Engagement team with getting approvals across the line, because they generate vital data we require to formulate our cases. I also coordinate a team of planners, provide technical advice, and prepare approval documents – my days are quite busy!

Quick Q&A

Favourite place to spend time?

The Royal Exhibition Building or Carlton Gardens with the young ones.

Local music pick?

I really like Dorsal Fins. I can’t wait to see them live again.

Top coffee spot?

There’s a spot near our offices called Traveller which is pretty good!

Footy supporter?

Essendon all the way.

QGive us the elevator pitch for the project you’re working on at the moment

I’m currently working on Melbourne Airport Rail, which is a key part of Melbourne’s current infrastructure push. It’s been in the works for a long time now, but once it’s fully realised it’ll really take Melbourne to the next level as a global city.

Once people can fly into Melbourne Airport and get directly into the city or connect to regional Victoria by train, that’ll be an absolute game-changer. It’s a great outcome for the city, and it will help Melbourne compete on the world stage.

QIs there a particular project you’ve worked on that stands out in your mind?

When I worked at Darebin Council I was part of the Reservoir Station redevelopment, which recently won some fairly high-profile architecture awards, so I’m pretty proud to have been involved in that one.

QIn your opinion, what’s the best thing going on in Victorian infrastructure right now?

The ‘Big Build’ being pursued by the State Government has a lot of once-in-a-generation infrastructure projects, you almost couldn’t count them all on two hands.

Suburban Rail Loop, the North East Link, Melbourne Airport Rail, you name it - the next ten years are going to be so transformative for the city. It’s a huge opportunity that’ll completely change the way Melbourne grows and operates.

QWhat makes for a dream project in your mind? 

I’ve always wanted to be a part of transformative, city-shaping projects - the large-scale initiatives that stand the test of time and leave a mark on the city. So being a part of the Melbourne Airport Rail project means I’m living the dream!

QWhat advice would you give to a younger Paul when he was just starting out in consulting?

Give it a go! Be curious in terms of how you approach problems, and that it’s ok to be afraid of failing but don’t worry if you do.

QWhy are you proudly Victorian? 

I was born and raised here, so it’s where I’ve spent my whole life. Without boiling it down to coffee and football, we’ve got a really strong and unique cultural presence, and it truly offers something for everyone. Whether it’s a comedy festival, a footy game or our café culture, there’s really a lot to love about living here.

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Paul Miziewicz

Principal Planner

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