Floating offshore wind

A new technology, a new industry, new challenges and opportunities

Floating offshore wind will open up markets where fixed offshore wind is unsuitable, and make a major contribution to the world's energy transition goals.

As offshore wind heads into a new era, RPS consultants are already working on major floating wind projects. We're drawing on our broad range of expertise to support our clients and help shape the industry's future.

With that in mind, we asked our experts for their thoughts on the key areas for investors, developers and operators to consider. Find out what they had to say below.

How floating offshore wind will change the world

A look at the markets and the size of the opportunity for this exciting new technology.

Floating offshore wind - main turbine types

Deal Advisory: helping deals go smoothly

If you are planning to invest in floating offshore wind, how would you approach the investment? What questions should you ask? RPS Deal Advisory team are technical and commercial due diligence specialists who support clients to understand and assess investment risks. Read this article for some of their views on the market outlook for floating offshore wind.


7 challenges for floating offshore wind consenting

As the industry evolves, there will be a steep learning curve for developers and regulators alike. To learn more about consenting (AKA permitting or approvals) floating wind development, we asked some of our team for their views. Read their thoughts on why previous experience in deep water – for example, from oil and gas projects – will prove invaluable at the consenting stage, alongside experience from fixed foundation offshore wind.

Floating offshore wind_consenting_webheader_image.jpg

Understanding species entanglement risk

Floating offshore wind looks set to develop rapidly, but it’s still in its early stages. What questions should the industry be asking around marine mammal impact assessment? RPS consultant Dr Tessa McGarry discusses entanglement risk and other marine mammal impact assessments that may be needed for floating offshore wind.


Whale image, RPS

Spotlight on site investigations

What’s involved in scoping a site for a floating offshore wind project and why? And what issues must the industry consider going forward? Find out about this crucial stage from one of RPS' Senior Geoscience Consultants, who specialises in site surveys and investigations.



Floating offshore wind at RPS: what our consultants are working on

  • Ossian Offshore Wind Farm: supporting SSE-Renewables-Marubeni-CIP

    01 /06
    Offshore wind farm - Scotland
  • ScotWind project: supporting the Thistle Wind Partners consortium

    02 /06
    offshore wind aerial view.jpg
  • RPS is a member of the Celtic Sea Cluster

    03 /06
    pembrokeshire south wales_shutterstock_1187187571.jpg
  • BOEM report on potential hazards for US offshore Pacific wind farms

    04 /06
    Floating offshore wind farm
  • ESIA consultant for South Korea Firefly wind farm project

    05 /06
    Korean advert_Web banner.jpg
  • Floating LiDAR buoys launched for Equinor off South Korea

    06 /06
    WhatsApp Image 2020-11-10 at 18.05.15 (1).jpeg

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