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09 Apr 2019

Competition is increasing for developers as the search widens for cleaner, renewable energy resources offshore - collecting reliable data that supports a ‘bankable investment’ narrative is critical.

We took traditional LiDAR technology and integrated it into a buoy with power, data storage and satellite communication capabilities. 

Applying our deep expertise of offshore measurement, our design and development process was focused on creating a reliable design to maximise data accuracy and return, while making the process of information gathering easier and more cost-effective for our clients.

Fixed to a buoy, our LiDAR measures the doppler shift/effect - changes to laser light wave formations - as a way of determining wind speeds at sea.

It’s environmentally friendly - our mooring design also minimises damage to the seabed and marine life entanglement risk. The buoy is powered by solar and wind energy – helping meet the stringent environmental consenting conditions often associated with renewable wind farm projects.

The buoy design has proven robust. During the testing phase our buoys met with severe winter storms - winds frequently measured over 20 metres per second (ms-1), and wave heights reached 7.3 m offshore and over 4 m at the buoy location giving it and its mooring a good workout.

RPS has since deployed this validated LiDAR buoy offshore New York as part of a renewable wind energy project for Equinor ASA. A second LiDAR buoy is also undergoing validation against a Met Mast off Blyth in the U.K. and the design will soon be fully accredited according to the OWA Roadmap guidelines. Additional construction and further development of our Floating LiDAR buoys is underway to meet the rapidly expanding renewable offshore wind sector.

For more information please contact Greg Bush, General Manager MetOcean,

RPS Energy | Floating LiDAR sea trial


Greg Bush

Greg Bush

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Nathan Benfer

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