Blue Carbon

Blue carbon is the carbon dioxide that is naturally sequestered by coastal and marine ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrasses and tidal marshes.

Sustainability out of the blue

A powerful tool for climate change resilience, aquatic plant (macrophyte) systems allow carbon to be captured from the atmosphere and safely stored in plant matter and anoxic (oxygen-free) marine sediments for thousands of years.

RPS can help you unlock blue carbon’s vast offsetting potential for current and forecast carbon emissions while contributing to the ongoing protection and improvement of vital marine ecosystems.


Powering resilience

Our team has decades of experience helping clients to address complex environmental challenges, drawing on a wealth of experience in marine ecological assessments and baseline studies, including the mapping of benthic primary producer habitats (seagrasses, mangroves, macroalgae, tidal marshes), cartography, research, data analysis and stakeholder consultation.

Our expertise

  • Desktop and field-based studies on the distribution of carbon-sequestering marine plants
  • Assessment of current and predicted threats to Blue Carbon resources
  • Identifying areas with the greatest potential for protection or restoration
  • Pragmatic advice on the constraints and challenges facing potential Blue Carbon projects in the marine environment.

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