Stack emission monitoring

RPS delivers stack emission monitoring to support our clients meet their regulatory requirements


Finding pragmatic solutions to complex situations is very much part of our DNA. Monitoring stack emissions monitoring and analysis is important for regulatory process control requirements, and we have a wealth of experience in undertaking this work. We work closely with our clients throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and the Middle East, delivering a complete emissions monitoring service to support them with their regulatory compliance in context of atmospheric and workplace exposure.


Our client attended a wood waste plant to undertake atmospheric emissions where their waste process involved the combustion / incineration of various types of wood, which could include coated fuel, potentially emitting chlorides and plywood/chipboard which contains formaldehyde, into the atmosphere. Due to COVID site restrictions, this work needed to be delivered quickly and on budget.


Working together, we developed a one sample train methodology which, allowed the client to keep time on site and equipment used to a minimum, enabling a cost-effective saving solution for our client. We collected all samples at the same time and used methods US EPA 316 for formaldehyde analysis and BS EN 1911 for chloride analysis.  

Our laboratories

RPS has been delivering analytical solutions to stack consultants for over 20 years. We are members of the Source Testing Association (STA) and participate in LGC Air PT quality scheme. Being a member of the STA ensures we are consistently delivering the most appropriate protocols and methods and our sampling and analysis equipment is fit for purpose and carried out by highly qualified and experienced staff.

RPS have had MCERTS accreditation since 2019, allowing us to complete a wide scope of stack testing analysis. MCERTS is the Environment Agency of England & Wales Monitoring Certification Scheme. It provides the framework for businesses to meet quality requirements. Compliance with MCERTS gives our client’s confidence in the quality and accuracy of results.

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During 2020 we completed:

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