Power Station Portfolio

RPS was retained by a large power generating plc to undertake environmental due diligence on nine UK based CCGT, OCGT, Biomass, CHP, Coal and Oil-fired power station facilities, related waste disposal / treatment sites and land holdings as part of their plans to separate specific assets into a new company venture.

Four other assets including a bulk storage terminal, underground gas storage facility, engineering workshop and agricultural land holdings were also assessed as part of the due diligence programme.

Key details

Project name

  • Power Station Portfolio


  • Large Power Generating Plc


  • UK

Services provided

  • Liability Due Diligence
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Contaminated Land & Remediation


RPS was initially given the task of completing inspections of the nine power station facilities within a two week window across England and Wales at locations ranging from the south-east and central London through to the midlands, Wales and the north of England.

Initial work involved detailed review of existing information held by the client followed by inspection of each facility, assessment of likely areas of historical and current environmental liability typically associated with land contamination and the reporting of costs to address these potential liabilities. The costs were organised on a worst case, likely case and best case scenario and were based on the type of risk likely to be encountered, including liability under Part IIA, the Environmental Damage Regulations and other potential regulatory or local authority enforcement.

DD power station - project image - shutterstock_394241746_Websize.png


Through diligent planning and organisation, RPS completed the inspections within the timeframes, which included some of the largest facilities in Europe. The team worked closely with the client to ensure the project ran smoothly and was ultimately delivered as programmed.

RPS derived remedial costs that were utilised by company management to set aside accounting provisions for future site remediation and liability mitigation. These costs were carried through during the set-up of the new company venture.

Project statistics

Week inspection window

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