Oriel Offshore Windfarm

The Oriel project is a proposed offshore wind farm to be located in the North Irish Sea off the coast of County Louth. Parkwind appointed us to deliver project management, planning, environment impact assessment, appropriate assessment, and ecology services. Set to generate clean, renewable energy capable of powering over 300,000 homes, the Oriel project will deliver significant economic and environmental benefit both locally and nationally.

The Oriel wind farm will potentially be Ireland’s second operational offshore wind farm and will contribute to achieve the 5GW target of renewable energy to be delivered by 2030 to meet the ambitions of the Climate Action Plan published in 2021.

The project covers 24 km² in the Irish Sea 22 km off the coast of Dundalk, County Louth. Its 25 turbines will have the capacity to produce 375 megawatts which could power approximately 300,000 households – significantly contributing to Ireland’s renewable energy target.


Key details

Project name

Oriel Offshore Windfarm






The Irish Sea off the coast of County Louth

Services provided

- Project management

- Planning

- Environment impact assessment

- Appropriate assessment

- Ecological surveys


Obtaining permission from the Irish Government to build huge, utility-scale, offshore wind farms is challenging. A cornerstone of the process is the successful adjudication of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by the competent authority, An Board Pleanála.

Consent to build for a project like the Oriel is dependent on accurately assessing the cumulative and environmental impact of an increasing number of multiple wind farms, as well as existing, and often competing, sea uses (for example fisheries, commercial navigation).

Adding to the complexity is the new, and currently untested, legislative framework for the consenting process. Significant areas of the seabed and coastal regions are being considered for designation as protected areas, which could potentially limit infrastructure development.

Offshore wind projects will also include complex onshore elements such as an onshore grid connections and lengthy cable runs - both of which require nuanced engagement and agreement with multiple landowners and stakeholders.

Oriel Offshore Windfarm


We provided the client with support for public and stakeholder consultation, completion of the EIA scoping report, the environmental impact assessment and appropriate assessment, and preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment Report and Natura Impact Statement.

The project potentially impacted ecologically sensitive areas so we led a wide range of technical assessments including visual impact concerns, environmental planning and extensive studies to consider and assess the potential effects of the proposed development on the marine and terrestrial environment.


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