Navy Capability Infrastructure Sub-Program

RPS is supporting one of the most significant projects for the Australian Defence Force since World War II – a program that will introduce and sustain technologically advanced warships to the Royal Australian Navy.

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Under the shipbuilding program, Australia will construct new warships and submarines on a continuous build basis. To ensure these assets can be used effectively for national security post-delivery, a large program of upgrades and enhancements are required to prepare Defence bases and operational infrastructure - a program of work known as the Navy Capability Infrastructure Sub-Program (NCIS).

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As a specialist provider of consulting services to the Defence and Government sector, RPS has been engaged to provide overall program management, project management and contract administration services to Defence in support of this $2.1 billion program of capital works.

A key component of success for the project is the ability to strategically integrate design and delivery processes across numerous programs of work happening at the same time across a variety of locations.

Working closely with Defence to ensure the facilities and infrastructure delivered align with operational requirements for capability sustainment, our team is not only helping to streamline project planning, design and delivery, but is also facilitating the effective replication of complex ship systems on land. Replication of these systems will assist Navy personnel to engage in immersive situation-based training, while supporting long-term maintenance and through-life support.

NCIS supports three Navy capability programs:

  • Offshore Patrol Vessels (SEA1180-1)
  • Hunter Class Frigates (SEA5000-1)
  • Maritime Operational Support Capability (SEA1654-3)

Project statistics

$2.1 billion
Program of capital works

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