Global IT Services Firm - Building Health & Wellbeing (Fitwel) Assessment, Europe

We are conducting a Fitwel Assessment for a global IT services firm in mainland Europe. The building is a 10-storey office aiming to to be awarded with a Fitwel rating of ‘Two Stars’ with a score of above 105 - signalling their commitment to sustainability and advancing the health and wellbeing of their employees. 

Key details

Project name

Global IT Services Firm Fitwel Assessment, Europe





Mainland Europe


Services provided:

- Fitwel Assessment

Designed with a health and wellbeing focus

The office building comprises an area of around 22,905m2 with urban landscape garden. It has great access to public transportation with a metro station across the street and trams, buses, trolleys within 50m.

The building contains workspaces and individual offices. Common areas include spaces where occupants can gather to work, eat, take breaks or meet, such as meeting rooms, lactation rooms, quiet rooms and reception areas. The building has views of greenery and trees and operable shading devices such as electrically operable roller blinds in all windows.

A running track is located on the roof of the buildings which is uncovered and designed to increase opportunities for regular sports and exercise. In addition, a fitness facility is provided including a fitness room with cardio and strength equipment, which will be staffed free of charge and will provide classes and personal training. A daily catering service is offered at breakfast, allowing access to fresh fruits and vegetables at drop-off points.

This building is aiming to be awarded with a Fitwel rating of ‘Two Stars’ with a score of above 105 . This requires a high level of communication and planning to achieve the targeted rating.



It was important to ensure that all the requirements of the health and wellbeing assessment were met and compliant. This was achieved by working closely with the project team and Fitwel Ambassador. There were instances were alternative credits had to be selected as it was more appropriate for the location and building type.

The project was managed efficiently to ensure the team did not exceed the budget but still met the project goals in the most cost-effective way. It was challenging to progress with the project throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to the impact it had left on all the staff and businesses. All had to ensure they complied with government regulations and travel restrictions, as well as manage supply chain interruptions.

Office with plants and high ceilings


We carried out initial pre-assessment and analysis to determine the best approach to achieve the targeted health and wellbeing assessment and rating. Meetings were held to discuss this further and firm up solutions. The design strategy was communicated from an early stage to the Fitwel Ambassador, which is vital for the project’s success.


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