Banbury Maintenance Depot

We provided fully integrated, multi-disciplinary design and lead designer services for a new depot on the site of a former steam and diesel loco depot close to Banbury Station. 

Key details

Project name

Banbury Maintenance Depot 



Buckingham Construction 



Banbury, Oxfordshire

Services provided

- Lead Consultant 

- Architecture 

- Structural Engineering 

- Civil Engineering 

- Fire Engineering 

- Geotechnical Engineering 

- Landscape Design 

- Acoustics Design 



The design comprised a new diesel depot with a 3-road, 4-car maintenance building, a 1-road wheel lathe annex, under frame wash building, a 2-road refuelling, CET and sanding apron, a wash apron, stabling sidings, external yards, a new access road, and a complex below ground drainage network. 

The original depot was demolished in the 1970s, leaving legacy aspects in-situ including, coal, hydrocarbon contamination, asbestos, below ground structures and services. This, and the complex drainage earthworks and planning aspects, required careful attention to maintain the facility's environmental balance. 

Access to the site was restricted, and a part-demolition of an existing building and realignment of the local highway and pedestrian infrastructure were required. 

Banbury Maintence Depot 2.JPG


The building's envelope is constructed using high performance cladding materials with U values in excess of building regulations.

Building information Modelling (BIM) played a major role in the depot's design coordination, supply chain integration and delivery. We carried out 3D clash detection progressively and during scheduled collaborative workshops and IDC meetings, ensuring designs were fully integrated, saving time, money and eliminating re-work during the GRIP stage 6 (construction).

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