Finding a technical solution to keep people safe using drone technology

Unexploded ordnance (UXOs) are weapons that have not exploded on deployment and still pose a risk of detonation. Today, more than 78 countries are still contaminated by abandoned landmines which kill 15 – 20,000 people every year


The complexity of these projects poses unacceptable risk to field survey teams, whose activities can be physically dangerous. Our highly skilled and specialist teams use their expert knowledge and experience to deliver these projects safely. Making complex easy in this case did not mean we simplified the solution. Instead, we challenged industry norms to come up with a creative and agile solution to allow our clients to make informed decisions easily.

Led by David Denman and supported by Karen Dalton, the UK based Energy team use drones to provide ground information and identify hazards and risk without putting people in harm’s way.

The UXO UAS system is a collaboration between RPS (Energy) and the Institute of Dr Foerster Germany. It utilises bespoke construction of ‘off the shelf’ and specifically manufactured components.

While the drones do their work, these projects are only successful because of the technical delivery teams behind them. Our specialists are: Victoria Phillip, Dave Houghton, Rhys Pearson, Mike Powell, Lawrence Millet, with admin and logistical support from Violet Storey, Sara Healy and Elizabeth Purvis.

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