Successful Virtual Leakage Day

16 Oct 2020

Sharing leakage knowledge and innovation with the UK Water Industry to help meet regulatory targets.


UK Water companies have recently been set new 2020-2025 targets which require them to reduce leakage by over 15% - to achieve this, innovation will be essential to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Irrespective of the challenges the industry has faced this year; COVID, warm weather and changes in leakage calculation, it’s imperative that the water industry comes together using all the tools available to deliver performance while improve efficiency and reduce costs.

With this in mind and following on from our successful Leakage Innovation Day last year, RPS hosted a Leakage Innovation webinar yesterday. This was attended by over 50 Leakage Managers and practitioners from water companies across the UK and Ireland, encouraging them to share best practice and discuss how to tackle the leakage challenges of today and tomorrow.

The day was focussed on several leakage management challenges highlighted by RPS’ Life of a Leak concept:

  • Prevent – strategies to stop leaks from happening
  • Predict – advanced data analytics
  • Detect – developing next generation approaches
  • Repair – how we organise repairs better
  • Report – enhanced regulatory reporting

Overall, the day stimulated a plethora of discussions on innovative approaches to the strategy, design and optimisation of pressure management, as well as new approaches to targeting, operational and data management. Further discussions were had on performance monitoring and analysis of performance within DMAs and with certain methodologies.

The collection of data at repair stage and how it can assist the whole leakage journey, as well as the need to balance the repair backlog to ensure repair efficiency and detection productivity was a further hot topic of conversation. The final focus of the day turned to how reporting is a vital part of the process, and how the RPS digital water tool Waternet® can be used by the companies to assist with their reporting.

Dr. Joe Sanders, Technical Director, RPS, commented, ”It’s great to be able to bring together many of clients to discuss the key challenges that the industry faces. As well as describing some of our current solutions and our thinking for the future.”

If you’d like more information on how RPS can help reduce leakage, please contact Joe Sanders, Technical Director -



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