RPS survey team adds NavVis VLX to geospatial technology stack

18 Jan 2023

RPS is once again leading the way on geospatial solutions, taking delivery of the latest NavVis VLX mobile laser scanner, which allows rapid, accurate spatial capture with minimal disruption.

The NavVis VLX is a dynamic mobile laser scanner that captures and produces high-quality point cloud and 3D imagery of complex structures, including buildings and construction sites.

RPS’ Lead for Geospatial Solutions, Jonathan Smith, said the decision to add the VLX to our geospatial technology stack was a natural one.

“Given the complexity of some of our clients’ projects and operating environments, devices that can produce accurate, high-quality results in less time is a real benefit. This is especially the case for projects happening in public or sensitive environments.

“For example, we’re currently mapping a hospital to inform a major upgrade. We need to capture multiple buildings including sensitive operational areas; therefore, accuracy and efficiency is paramount.

“The NavVis allows data and image capture up to ten times faster than a comparable terrestrial laser scanner. These efficiencies enable our work at the hospital to be far less intrusive than traditional survey methods.”

“The NavVis scanner will complement our existing suite of technologies, including laser scanning, photogrammetry and airborne LiDAR, and be the perfect option when rapid, spatially accurate capture is required.”

There are plans for the new device to be used in upcoming projects including mapping pedestrian walkways and streetscapes as well as on dilapidation, heritage, and powerline surveys.

“It’s already shaping up to be a very busy 2023 for the RPS survey team, which is exciting,” Jonathan said. “We’re looking forward to continuing to provide the highest quality data, solutions, analysis, and imagery for our clients.”

RPS survey team - out and about with the new NavVis VLX in Sydney

Out and about with the new NavVis VLX wearable laser scanning equipment in Sydney


Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

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