Residential development: When might noise and vibration be an issue?

14 May 2019

The acoustics of residential development

Environmental noise is present wherever you look. Whether your site is in a very rural location, or in a prime city centre location, noise impacts need to be properly considered to ensure future residents can enjoy their new homes in peace for years to come.

Early involvement from an acoustician is important for any development but particularly crucial for sites in heavily urbanised areas with competing land uses and with this in mind, we will be offering free seminars on the effects of noise and vibration on residential developments in the coming months.
Driven by the demand for residential accommodation increasing, and the availability of land for development decreasing, we are seeing a rise in more challenging sites coming forward.

For new residential (noise sensitive) developments, this often means co-existing alongside noise generating developments such as noisy nightclubs or a busy road.

Under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) new developments must not cause surrounding businesses and facilities to have unreasonable restrictions placed on them as a result of development permitted after they were established.

This means the responsibility sits with the developers of the new scheme to ensure that impacts from any existing noise in the surrounding area can be designed out, managed and mitigated for future residents.

For help identifying when noise or vibration may be an issue, download our free tip sheet.

Highly experienced in assessing residential developments, our experts can advise on current and impending legislation, identify risk, and ensure a pragmatically managed approach to mitigation and design; potentially saving you thousands.
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