Fairer treatment for drivers with Insulin Treated Diabetes

20 Mar 2019

New UK guidelines released by the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) last month mean that insulin dependent diabetic drivers will now have a greater choice in how they test their glucose levels,* helping people who drive for their livelihood to better manage their diabetic health.

Current legislation restricts insulin treated diabetic drivers from holding Group II licenses recommending that they should not drive emergency road vehicles due to the potential impacts from hypoglycemic attack.

To help employees with Type 1 diabetes manage their glucose levels more efficiently, it’s recommended that they work closely with occupational health advisers to monitor glucose levels. Staff working in a safety critical environment are required to attend regular occupational health reviews and share medical treatment records with their OH adviser to help ensure their own safety and meet employers’ safety and risk management policies.

The DVLA update means drivers can now choose to use flash and continuous glucose monitoring devices to take glucose readings before they drive, or during breaks. Until now, drivers had to check their glucose levels with a finger prick blood reading no more than 2 hours before driving and then again on a break after every 2 hours of driving.

“This is great news for all drivers with Type 1 diabetes, particularly those who drive for their occupation” explains RPS Business Development Manager for Occupational Health John Allison, a Type 1 diabetic himself “It helps make sure people living with diabetes are treated fairly, improves awareness of blood-sugar levels and most importantly ensures road users are safe whilst driving.”

RPS works with companies helping them to support their staff through a leading occupational health provision grounded in specialist deep expertise and a commitment to employee good health. Additionally, our mobile service means we can bring our occupational health services to you.

For more information on the latest Health Legislation, please contact our specialist Occupational Health Team.


John Allison, Business Development Manager
E: john.allison@rpsgroup.com
T: +44 (0) 7768 603479


*Ref: DVLA guidance, published 14 February 2019.

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