Reconciliation Action Plan

RPS has the privilege of working with, and for many communities. With this comes a responsibility to act with, and for First Nations Peoples.

We have a responsibility to continually think about how we can positively impact, value, and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, lands, histories, and languages.

We want to ensure that everyone who works for RPS understands that their actions and words can contribute to, or erode, reconciliation. We want our First Nations employees to grow great careers with us and feel empowered to share their perspectives on what reconciliation means, and what changes are required to make it real for them.

Ngapa Jukkurrpa (Water Dreaming) - Puyurru, acryclic on canvas
Leavannia Nampijinpa Watson

Original artwork - Leavannia Nampijinpa Watson

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is the roadmap that will guide our first steps toward reconciliation awareness, growth, and change.

Meet our Reconciliation Action Working Group

Diane Christensen - HR Director

Diane Christensen

HR Director +61 2 8099 3246 EMAIL
Sydney | Australia
Jackie Reilly, Business Support Officer, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Jackie Reilly

Business Support Officer +61 7 3539 9500 EMAIL
Brisbane | Australia
Des Cloake, RPS Senior Landscape Architect

Des Cloake

Senior Landscape Architect +61 7 3539 9500 EMAIL
Brisbane | Australia
Scott Langtry

Scott Langtry

Principal Scientist +61 8 9211 1111 EMAIL
Perth - West Perth | Australia
Rachel Cogger

Rachel Cogger

Associate Director - Social Advisory and Research +61 2 4940 4200 EMAIL
Newcastle | Australia
Ian, General Manager, Newcastle – P&E

Ian Richardson

General Manager - Newcastle +61 2 4940 4200 EMAIL
Newcastle | Australia
Kate Morris, RPS Graduate Heritage Consultant

Kate Morris

Graduate Heritage Consultant +61 2 4940 4200 EMAIL
View profile »
Newcastle | Australia
Katrina Knaggs, Senior Project Manager, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Katrina Knaggs

Senior Project Manager +61 8 8989 1400
Darwin | Australia
Principal Environmental Engineer, Perth, Western Australia

Rebecca McGrath

Principal Environmental Engineer +61 8 9211 1111 EMAIL
Perth - West Perth | Australia
Susan Conkie, Senior Consultant - Communications and Engagement, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Susan Conkie

Senior Consultant - Communications and Engagement +61 3 9417 9700 EMAIL
Melbourne | Australia
Hal Hissey, Associate Director, Commercial and Delivery, Sydney Australia

Hal Hissey

Associate Director - Commercial and Delivery +61 2 8099 3200 EMAIL
Sydney | Australia

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