RPS is providing advisory and creative services to support the delivery of Australia’s largest integrated transport and urban revitalisation project – WestConnex.   


A $16.8 billion project, WestConnex was a key recommendation of the State Infrastructure Strategy for NSW released in 2012. It brings together several major road projects which will fundamentally enhance Sydney’s Orbital Network – the 110km motorway ring road that surrounds Sydney city.

The project incorporates widening of the M4 motorway, extension of M4 between Homebush and Haberfield via Concord, upgrade of the King Georges Road Interchange at Beverley Hills, duplication of the M5 with twin tunnels from Kingsgrove to St Peters, and a new M4-M5 Link.

Aerial shot of WestConnex motorway scheme in Sydney NSW



In NSW, motorway projects are initially developed through to the approval stage by Transport for NSW, before being transitioned to NSW Roads and Maritime Services to deliver. RPS has been supporting both agencies with commercial and technical advisory services, while supporting WestConnex’s delivery authority with ongoing transaction advisory services.

Our advisors were involved in the development of principles, processes and governance that led to prioritisation of WestConnex by the State and shaped the establishment of a high-performing delivery authority for this once-in-a-generation motorway improvement project.

RPS developed the industry partnership approach that informed reference designs for the project’s approvals phase. Supporting various phases of WestConnex’s delivery as fully embedded members of the delivery team, we've had a key role to play in projects such as the M4-M5 Link, where our consultants provided transaction management services that led to the award of the construction contract.

Understanding the importance of informing and engaging the community in the project and its benefits, RPS has also been engaged by WestConnex’s delivery authority to develop communications materials such as infographics, which bring the project's design details to life for the public in a highly visual, easy-to-understand manner.

Project statistics

33 km
Of region-shaping road infrastructure
$16.8 b
Investment in Sydney's motorway network
$6 b
Reduction to annual congestion costs projected as a result of WestConnex

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