Welsh Water Leakage Partnership

Over the past 15 years our partnership with Welsh Water has delivered significant benefits in water and wastewater services.

Key details

Project name

Leakage Patnership



Dwr Cymru Welsh Water




Services provided

  • Leakage detection
  • WaternetTM


Visible and Hidden leaks from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water’s water distribution network have caused considerable strain on the environment and have proven costly.

Finding and repairing leaks on the network quickly means that we can keep the amount of water wasted every year to a minimum which is good for customers and the environment.

Leakage DCWW 2.jpg


Working with Welsh Water’s asset management and delivery professionals, we have developed and delivered industry leading performance in flooding, pollution, water quality and leakage.

Our innovative water management software WaternetTM enables Welsh Water to make high quality, timely decisions whilst optimising its maintenance strategies.

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